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Dan Bilzerian responds after Anthony Smith accused him and Donald Cerrone of kicking his mother out of her seat at UFC 235

Famous poker player Dan Bilzerian is playing tough guy with UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith.

Smith recently claimed that Bilzerian was intoxicated during his UFC 235 fight against Jon Jones. He alleges that Bilzerian and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone got into an encounter with his mother over a seat and claimed Bilzerian was looking at “porn” on his phone during the event.

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone posted a screenshot of the DM Bilzerian sent Smith, denying the accusations (h/t Essentially Sports).

“So I saw your nonsensical story where you’re using my name for clickbait,” Bilzerian said to Smith. “You should at least try to have some semblance of truth in there. First off, Cowboy invited me to that fight and he had the tickets. I didn’t ask anyone to move and certainly not your mother. I also didn’t watch porn, if she was looking at my phone I’m sure what she saw was a random Snapchat from a girl that turned out to be naked when I opened it.

“I don’t drink so I certainly wasn’t hammered. Your depiction of this story is complete bulls—t.”

Cerrone’s Instagram post has since been deleted.

It is quite the bizarre situation but in the MMA world, wackiness knows no bounds.

Smith broke the whole thing down to Michael Bisping on the Believe You Me podcast (h/t LowKickMMA).

“My mom, my wife, my manager’s mom, and like two other people in my group are sitting front row,” Smith said. “I’m in the Octagon, and while this is happening, Jon Jones is making his way to the Octagon. So, Dan Bilzerian and another fighter – it was Donald Cerrone, so they’re together – I feel like a lot of people would read between the lines, but it’s gonna sound like I’m sh*tting on Donald Cerrone too, so.

“They come and they wanna sit down and watch the fight, but they’re f*cking hammered. Like, just shithouse drunk. And so, they tell them (Smith’s group) that those are their seats,” Smith continued. “My mom doesn’t know Dan Bilzerian or Donald Cerrone – my wife knows who Donald is, but she doesn’t know him – and she doesn’t know who this short, tight shirt, funky-ass hat-wearing jerk is. She just knows that these are her seats and she’s about to watch her son fight for a world title.”

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