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Diego Sanchez
Diego Sanchez

Report | Diego Sanchez no longer under UFC contract, interested in WLC bout

Cole Shelton - October 29, 2019

Diego Sanchez is reportedly no longer under contract with the UFC. Sanchez, who is a legend of the sport has been a member of the UFC roster since 2005 when he won ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Season 1 at middleweight. Yet, a UFC title eluded him for his entire career as he only fought for a strap once and lost to B.J. Penn by TKO at lightweight.

Dave Leduc
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The King of Lethwei: Dave Leduc is conquering the world's most brutal sport

Tom Taylor - July 29, 2019

Dave Leduc walks into Arts Martiaux Patenaude in Gatineau, Quebec like any other student might: quietly, with a bag slung over his shoulder, and a few minutes late. In fact, were it not for his size and his interesting tattoos, he might not warrant a second glance. Yet contrary to appearances, this Quebecer is a member of the martial arts pantheon; a fighting titan; a hero in a sport from half a world away. He is the King of Lethwei.