Daniel Cormier sends a message to Stipe Miocic: “Hurry up and sign the contract”

Daniel Cormier
Image via @ufc on Instagram

Former UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is eager to get his trilogy fight with Stipe Miocic. Cormier defeated Miocic back in 2018 at UFC 226 to become a two-weight world champion, holding both the light heavyweight and heavyweight titles at the time of his astonishing first-round knockout of Miocic.

The two would eventually rematch in August of 2019 at UFC 241 and this time it would be Miocic who came away victorious, winning back the heavyweight title. With the matchups split between the two, the UFC and both fighters want a trilogy to happen and now “DC” is calling for the champion to hurry up.

During Monday’s episode of ‘DC & Helwani’ with Ariel Helwani of ESPN, Cormier called for Miocic to sign the contract and stop waiting to make the fight happen.

“Come on, Champ. Sign the contract. Let’s go, like what are you doing? It’s nonsense. I get that you’re a firefighter, we admire all those things about you wanting to help people in this crisis time, but you’re also the champion of the world. Come on, man, let’s get this thing done, sign the contract.”

Cormier would go on to say that he’d like the fight to take place in August, while Miocic recently spoke out and acknowledged that he wouldn’t fight during the current COVID-19 pandemic. As for the second fight when Miocic got the title back, Cormier insisted that he’s better than the champion and he wouldn’t go down like he did previously.

“He also said last fight didn’t start so well but this time will be better. It didn’t start so well because I’m better than him, it’s what it is. It’s going to start like that this time but this time I’m not going to get tired and you’re not just going to punch me in the stomach for five minutes. We’re going to prepare me to go and beat you again. It’s going to start the same way because I’m better than him, sign the contract.”

After having his way early on in their second fight, Daniel Cormier admitted he lost respect for Miocic during the fight and that’s why he let his foot off the gas later in the fight.

“I think I beat him up so bad in the first round that I lost respect for him and started carrying my hands really low and not fighting the way I’m known to fight. I’m going to beat him up like that again. I’m a better fighter than Stipe Miocic, I respect him, I think he’s a great guy, I think he’s a great role model, but I’m better than him and I just want to go prove it.”

Daniel Cormier seems adamant that the trilogy fight against Stipe Miocic will go his way and labeling his loss to the heavyweight champion as a bigger regret than his loss to Jones, says a lot about his thoughts on Miocic.

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