Rizin hoping to book Wanderlei or Lesnar to fight Fedor

Fedor Emelianenko

Following the triumphant return of Fedor Emelianenko on New Year’s Eve it was announced that ‘The Last Emperor’ would be looking to fight again under the Rizin banner sometime around April.

Immediately there were speculations as to who Emelianenko would fight, however since the announcement we’ve heard no further details regarding the fight.

Rizin VP Jerry Millen spoke to Submission Radio to discuss the possibility of either Wanderlei Silva or Brock Lesnar fighting Emelianenko.

via BloodyElbow:

“It’s Wanderlei Silva, of course I’d love to see Wanderlei Silva in Japan,” Millen told Submission Radio. “He’s a warrior. Wanderlei Silva is one of my favourite fighters in the world because Wanderlei Silva brings it. Every fight, win or lose. Wanderlei Silva is a warrior and he brings it. Either you’re going to kick his ass or he’s going to kick your ass and he’s a great – I love Wanderlei Silva. Very good friend and I would love to see Wanderlei in Japan, so we’ll see.”

“Sure, I think it be a great fight. I mean we’ll see if we can make it materialize, but I think it’d be a huge fight. I think people would love to see that. I’d love to see it even though I’m close to both of them. I’d hate to see friends fight, but hey, it’s a sport and friends have to fight because that’s just the way the business is.”

“If Brock wants to fight, we would definitely entertain it. I know Fedor, you know, we’ve talked about it. I know Brock is wrapped up in the WWE, I just don’t know what his…I’m sure he still has a contract, I think he still has a contract in place with the UFC. So I don’t know. They would never, never allow that to happen. So if he doesn’t have a contract with the UFC, sure it could happen. You know, the WWE, Stephanie’s over there running a great show and Vince, and I know they were big Pride fans, and Shane McMahon was actually a huge Pride fan and also like a bigger Fedor fan. And so yeah, it could happen if Brock says he wants to come out. But yeah, I think he’s under UFC contract. But we’d definitely take him.”

While both options are very far from being official, how would you like to see a Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brock Lesnar fight finally happen?!

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