Invicta FC 13 Results: Ayaka Hamasaki Is The New Atomweight Champion, Gets Split Decision

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In the first title fight of the night atomweight champion Hercia Tiburcio took on Ayaka Hamasaki.

Hamasaki came out fast, landed a big right hand. Tiburicio landed a leg kick. Again Hamasaki lands a big right hand. The leg kick landed again for the champ. Hamasaki came forward with bombs and landed a few of them. The champ hurts Hamasaki with a body kick and rushes in to capitalize. Hamasaki ducks down and Tiburcio grabs the neck and locks in a guillotine. It looked extremely tight, but she survived and Tiburcio gained mount position. She rode that out until the round ended.

Hamasaki lands another big punch, then shoots in and gets the takedown. Hamasaki work to half guard. The champ tried to escape from the bottom, but Hamasaki kept top position and landed some big punches. The referee eventually stood them up, for some reason. They exchange and then Tiburcio goes for a clinch takedown, but gets reversed and Hamasaki ends up on top in half guard. The referee stands them up again, for no reason. The round ends with the champ grabbing a guillotine, before the bell rang.

Hamasaki came out swinging in the third round, then clinched and pushed her to the cage. From there she lands a trip takedown. From the guard, the champ worked from the bottom, trying to lock in submissions. They stand up, but Hamasaki gets another takedown. While scrambling the champ transitions quickly to the back of Hamasaki. The champ worked for the choke the rest of the round.

In the fourth, Hamasaki rushes in with punches, clinches and gets another takedown. After some ground work the referee (Karen Winslow) stands them up again, Hamasaki looks pretty frustrated. But right after they stand up, Hamasaki gets a nice sweep takedown. The round ends, dominated by Hamasaki.

The fifth and final round started with another takedown from Hamasaki. The champ tried to escape, but Hamasaki remained on top. After a scramble Hamasaki tried to go for a crucifix position but lost it and they stood up. Hamasaki once again gets the fight to the ground with a minute left in the fight. With about 10 seconds left Tiburcio tried for a triangle, but time ran out.

RESULT: Hamasaki wins via split decision (48-47, 47-48, 49-46)

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