Female Fighter Disses ‘No Boobs’ Cyborg, Will Now Get Her *ss Whooped By Her

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Sometimes people don’t think straight, it happens. That must have been the case when Cindy Dandois decided to take shots at Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg in a recent interview. Dandois fights in the featherweight division as well and for some reason decided to piss off one of the scariest women on this planet by talking about her looks.

Dandois had this to say to SchenkMMA:

“What I meant that time is that she does really look like a man, and she does hit as hard as a man. She has got no boobs, a lot of muscles and arms more strong then her husband’s arms. Nobody can deny that, I only wasn’t afraid to say it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t respect her. That’s just the truth!!! It doesn’t concern me at all however. I know she is very strong, she is at this point the number one in the sport that I love so very much, and it would be a challenge to fight her one day. If I get that opportunity, I guess I would talk with my coaches for a good strategy and game plan. I also think I would stop my job for a while to have more hours in the gym, knowing that it will be necessary.”

Then, Cyborg responded:

You done messed up now girl.

Look, I’m not saying Dandois stands no chance, but if you’ve seen her stand up before, than yeah, you know she stands no chance. Thoughts?

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