Will Brooks: “I want to fight Michael Johnson” after disrespecting Poirier following KO

By bjpenndotcom - September 26, 2016

When Will Brooks tuned in to watch his friend and part-time teammate Dustin Poirier take on Michael Johnson, he was confident that Dustin would continue his win streak at lightweight. But after Johnson knocked Poirier out a minute and a half into the first round, Brooks took notice of how Johnson handled himself following the win.

Brooks spoke about Michael Johnson’s post-fight antics on Monday’s edition of ‘The MMA Hour’ and revealed a desire to fight Johnson after his controversial celebration over a knocked out Dustin Poirier:

“I was definitely fired up (after teammate Dustin Poirier losing). The reason I was so fired up is this is the fight business, sometimes you win sometime you lose, Michael Johnson won, and good for him. But after the fight, standing over Dustin, cussing at him. That guy you just beat went to the gym everyday to prepare for you.”

“He’s been on my radar. I want Michael Johnson and I’ll make it clear to anyone.”

Will Brooks

The former Bellator lightweight champion, who defected to the UFC this year, holds a near-perfect 19-1 record and won his octagon debut against Ross Pearson in July. But for Will Brooks, the more he fights the better, as he discussed the toll it takes on his finances when fights are few and far between, especially now as a father:

“I’m recognizing the landscape of the lightweight division; there’s no path or way to the title. Rankings don’t matter, guys are just kinda picking fights. Cerrone doesn’t know if hes a welterweight or a lightweight. Tony Ferguson doesn’t know if he wants to fight for the title or not.”

“While they’re trying to figure out who’s the number one contender, I’ll just keep making money,” Brooks said.

I had a quick turnaround, I was out for a half year almost year without a paycheck. I got way behind in my bills, got into a little debt. Got a new house now, a wife and a baby, so the more money you can bring in the better it is for your financial responsibilities.”





Will Brooks