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UFC 210 Results: Charles Oliveira submits Will Brooks (Highlights)

UFC 210 Results: Will Brooks vs. Charles Oliveira

A lightweight bout between Will Brooks and Charles Oliveira kicked off tonight’s UFC 210 main card in Buffalo, New York.

Round one begins and Oliveira lands a hard leg kick to start. He attempts a second low kick that misses. Brooks presses forward and lands a jab. Both men trade leg kicks. Brooks lands a nasty left kick to the body of Charles. Oliveira circles and then shoots in and scores a takedown. Will is trying to wall-walk but Oliveira drags him back down to the floor. He quickly transitions to the back of Brooks and begins working for a rear-naked choke. He locks in the submission while Brooks is still on his feet. The hold is in deep and this one is over. Brooks is forced to tapout.

Charles Oliveira submits Will Brooks

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