VIDEO | Ronda Rousey: ‘I hope people remember me as one of the greatest fighters that ever lived, but I don’t know if they will’

It was revealed this week that Ronda Rousey, former UFC women’s bantamweight champion made it on Time Magazine’s 2016 list of “100 Most Influential People.” Rousey is the only MMA fighter to make Time’s prestigious list.

In a video piece for Time, Rousey talked about the ups and downs of her career as her last fight in November, the former champ would taste defeat for the first time in her professional career. Rousey was knocked out by Holly Holm and faced an overwhelming amount of criticism that she was not used to being at the top for so long.

“I hear so many of the worst things anyone could ever even imagine to think to say to me every single day. Thousands of times, all these people are trying to reach me, tell me these negative things.

“People like to see people rise because they want to rise, but they like to see people fall because they want to feel like they’re human, like they are. And, so that’s why we keep doing the cycle of raising people up and letting them crash down.”

The former champion is set on fighting again in the UFC to get back her title for all her fans that have stuck by her side.

“I’m coming back to win this title for the people that believed in me. Those aren’t my friends that are cheering for me out there. I’m their entertainment. I’m like a cartoon in front of them, almost, you know? And, I can’t really take it personal, if you know, they don’t like my cartoon one day.”

Rousey got emotional talking about a loyal fan she met before the Holm fight who was dying of cancer. Rousey said she promised her that she would win against Holm but that did not end up being the case, which is fueling her for a return to the Octagon.

“I promised her I would win and I didn’t,” said Rousey holding back her tears. “I need to come back and I need to win and I need to fulfill that promise.”

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