VIDEO | Jorge Masvidal vs. Kimbo Slice’s protege, ‘Ray’ in bareknuckle street fight

By Russell Ess - February 1, 2017

You seen Jorge Masvidal get the job done against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in the co-main event of UFC on FOX 23.


However, did you know that “Gamebred” also used to throw down in the bareknuckle scene that the late Kimbo Slice used to be a part of?

Check out this video as we go way back to when Masvidal fought “Ray,” who was Kimbo Slice’s protege at the time.

“The first time that I fought Ray, you can see it on the video, (Slice) is the unofficial referee,” Masvidal told MMA Junkie Radio. “He gives Ray water, he gives me water, before and after the fight. I didn’t even know he was Kimbo’s protege until after the video came out. He was super cool before the fight, and after it he was like, ‘Wow man, I can’t believe you beat that dude, he’s so much bigger than you, and I know that dude’s nasty.’

“He was going nuts. He took me out to eat dinner and at the time I was dead broke. He took me to this fancy-ass place and at the time I was like, ‘Damn, this dude’s balling.’ And it was just cool as (expletive). I thought we were going to have to do some thugged-out (expletive), like run out on the bill, but he paid for the whole thing. I was like, ‘Man, this is some crazy (expletive).”

Jorge Masvidal wins at UFC on Fox 23

“Gamebred” says that he always thought fighting was normal and that it wasn’t that big of a deal, especially with the way it happened so frequently in Miami.

“Somebody might see it and think that I’m some type of delinquent – like, ‘Look at this dude, he’s fighting unsanctioned fights’ or whatever you think that is,” Masvidal said. “I see it as part of my life. I grew up fighting, and I didn’t think it was that bad, if you saw the fights, there was no ill will between me and Ray after the fights. It was all love. It was all respect. We got into it. We did our thing.”

The scene for “Gamebred” has changed quite a bit over the years going from YouTube fights on the streets to being televised live of big FOX.

What are your thoughts on Jorge Mavidal’s transition from a bareknuckle fighter to climbing his way up the UFC rankings aiming for a title shot? Sound off in the comment section!

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This article first appeared on 2/1/2017.


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