VIDEO | Joe Rogan and Kevin Lee debate over the best fighter in MMA

We will probably never all agree on who the greatest fighter in MMA is. On the latest episode of The JRE MMA Show, however, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan and top light contender Kevin Lee did their best to figure it out.

In Rogan’s opinion, it comes down to two men: former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, and reigning UFC flyweight champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson.

“The argument is [Johnson] and Jon Jones,” Rogan said. “I feel like Jon Jones, as far as the level of talent [he’s fought], no question. Jon’s faced [Shogun] Rua, [Daniel Cormier] twice, [Alexander] Gustafsson, Vitor Belfort—I mean, Jesus Christ, you could just keep going and going and going—Glover Teixeira…”

In Lee’s opinion, however, former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion Georges St-Pierre is another frontrunner in the debate—though he might be a slightly outdated model in the year 2018.

“I think Georges St-Pierre, still,” Lee said. “I think Georges is a little bit behind the times now…”

“I think Georges St-Pierre, for sure, is the greatest fighter that there’s been,” he clarified. “When you look at the resume, I don’t think anybody else compares, really. He’s got two losses, and avenged both those losses devastatingly. He came back after four years and won the title at a higher weight class. And he’s never really been in too much trouble in a fight. I look at the style, he’s one of the very first guys — he’s really what got me into the sport, because I saw his fight with BJ [Penn]. I could see it, I was like ‘this guy, he’s smart.’ He’s approaching it smart, like a true athlete, like a true artist. There are [other] people that do it too. Demetrious does it too, I just don’t think to the level that Georges has done.”

Rogan then responded, agreeing that St-Pierre probably belong in the debate alongside Jones and Johnson.

“Georges fought some serious competition,” he said. “Not that Demetrious didn’t.”

What do you think of Joe Rogan and Kevin Lee’s take on the GOAT debate?

This article first appeared on on 4/24/2018.

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