Urijah Faber finds Dominick Cruz and T.J. Dillashaw’s new alliance funny

TJ Dillashaw Dominick Cruz

Urijah Faber’s trash talk has turned two former enemies into friends.

As Faber is set to fight Dominick Cruz for the UFC bantamweight title at UFC 199, he has made a few comments regarding Cruz and former champion TJ Dillashaw’s physique.

“Dominick’s defending T.J. They’re in this club together,” said Faber, according to FOX Sports. “I’m so happy that my pointing out the back fat and how skinny T.J. looks has brought them into a great friendship. We’ll see how that pans out.”

Faber finds it funny that the two former opponents that had their own war of words with one another are now teaming up against him.

“[Cruz is] all hurt about that. It’s freaking awesome,” Faber told FOX Sports on Wednesday. “You know what’s funny? I never said anything about steroids or anything like that. I said this guy’s coming in looking skinny-fat with love handles and floppy boobs and he’s all pissed off about that.

“I said T.J. looks like a pre-teen and they’ve taken that and become best friends and it’s brought them closer. It’s pretty freaking funny the way they’re reacting to that.”

Will the trash talk play into the fight between Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz? Share your prediction on the fight with us!

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