VIDEO | Sijara Eubanks puts Ben Askren on blast after backstage encounter

By Drake Riggs - November 6, 2018

“I saw Ben Askren backstage right after my fight [with Roxanne Modaferri at UFC 230] and he was doing some kind of interview and I was like, ‘what’s up? Like what’s up? What’s your problem?’ He’s like, ‘why don’t you focus on making weight?’ and I’m like, ‘why don’t you mind your own f*cking business?’ And then I started to tell him some more sh*t but he’s there with his wife or whoever that was and he’s trying to do his interview.

But I said something to him too. I’m not scared of nobody. Because what is Ben Askren -what’re you stepping to me for? Like for what? You’re not a troll, you’re not a fan, you’re a fighter. You mad cause I’m in the UFC? Cause more people know about me my ‘four little fights’ and you been out here wrestling everybody to death for the last 20 f*cking years and nobody cares?

Like what are you stepping to me for? So like, I came to him the way I came to you, the way I came to Joe [Rogan] like, ‘what’s up, man?’ and he got all serious and puffed his chest out and I’m like, ‘man, f*ck you, bro’. You’re a 170-pound man what you gonna do?”

It’s no secret that Sijara Eubanks has gotten under some people’s skin since her name got attached to UFC 230. One of those arguably being newest UFC signee, Ben Askren.

After losing her headlining spot of the Madison Square Garden card alongside Valentina Shevchenko, many claimed that Eubanks began to act unnecessarily entitled due to the general magnitude that comes with MSG events accompanied by her 3-2 record (now 4-2 after UFC 230).

On top of that, there were the weight issues which reared their head once again at the UFC 230 weigh-ins as Eubanks came in over the 125-pound mark. Which led to a scolding from Askren on Twitter which then led to their encounter backstage at the event this past Saturday.

In the end, Eubanks would pick up her second career victory over Roxanne Modafferi at UFC 230 and Askren looks to be soon making his debut against Robbie Lawler so the two can go their separate ways.


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