VIDEO | Dana White considering bringing professional slapping to UFC Fight Pass

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UFC Fight Pass home to an ever-expanding library of combat sports, from MMA, to boxing, to grappling, to Muay Thai, to Lethwei. According to UFC President Dana White, the UFC Fight Pass library could soon grow by one extremely strange, but undeniably brutal pseudo-sport: professional slapping.

This sport is so strange it gives X-Arm a run for it’s money.

“These guys SLAP the SHIT out of each other!” an excited White wrote on Instagram. “The guy in the red is the Champ “Dumpling” and he just lost for the first time. I’m thinking about putting these on [UFC Fight Pass] what do u guys think?”

Professional slapping has become a big deal in Russia over the last few years, and as White points out, there was recently a huge upset at the top of the sport.

In the video Dana White shared, we see “Dumpling,” whose real name is Vasily Kamotskiy, experience a shocking loss to an unheralded rookie, Vyacheslav Zezulya.

According to a report from Unilad, which cites “local media,” White is correct: Kamotskiy had never been beaten before.

Shortly after this jarring loss, the formerly undefeated champ took to social media to issue a statement.

“Today I had a minor nap (I was sort of sleepy today),” he wrote (via Unilad). “This was supposed to happen at some point. I was the one saying that this will happen at some point anyway. There is nothing terrible about it. Everything is alright. I feel very well, everything is fine, no big deal.”

While Kamotskiy claims this loss was “no big deal,” a report from AoL claims he was actually rushed to the hospital after suffering a “mini coma.”

There’s no doubt that professional slapping is fun to watch. As the sport continues to make headlines, however, concerns about the dangers of letting giant men to slap each other in the head, point-blank, are bound to arise. As those concerns inevitably bubble to the surface, Dana White will have to decide if this undeniably dangerous, seemingly unsanctioned fringe sport is the kind of thing he actually wants in the UFC Fight Pass library.

What do you think?

This article first appeared on on 12/13/2019. 

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