UFC San Antonio Results: Holly Holm defeats Yana Santos (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - March 25, 2023

Tonight’s UFC San Antonio event is co-headlined by a women’s bantamweight fight featuring Holly Holm taking on Yana Santos.

Holly Holm, UFC

Holm (16-4 MMA) will be hoping to get back in the win column, this after being defeated by Ketlen Vieira (13-3 MMA) by split decision in May of last year. ‘The Preacher’s Daughter‘ has gone 3-2 over her past five fights overall.

Meanwhile, Yana Santos (14-6 MMA) will also enter tonight’s co-main event looking to rebound, this after suffering a TKO loss to Irene Aldana in her most recent effort at UFC 264.

Round one of the UFC San Antonio co-main event begins and Yana Santos comes out aggressively. She forces the clinch and pushes Holly Holm against the fence. The former champion reverses the position, but Santos quickly gains it back. Holm looks for a trip, but Yana is able to stay on her feet. Santos with a knee to the body and then another. The ladies continue to battle for dominant position in the clinch. Holm with an elbow and then breaks free. Santos with a low kick. Holm with a left and the fighters are back in the clinch. This time Holly has Yana pressed against the cage. She lands a knee to the thigh. Santos returns fire with a knee to the body. The fighters separate and Yana Santos lands a low kick. Holly Holm with a left hand over the top. She lands another. Santos looks to clinch but misses. She charges forward and Holm opts to press her up against the cage. A big elbow from Holly and Yana appears to be wobbled. Holm with a good kick. She lands a left and then shoots in and scores a takedown. Holm with a couple of shoulder strikes from side control. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the UFC San Antonio co-main event begins and Holly Holm comes forward with an early combination. She lands a side kick that sends Yana Santos to the floor. Santos pops back up to her feet but eats another punch and then gets taken down hard. Holm working from half guard now. ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ moves to side control and begins landing some good knees to the body. Good shots and shoulder strikes from Holm. She still has ninety seconds to work in this round. Holly Holm traps an arm and begins raining down punishment. Santos scrambles and gets her arm free, but she’s now mounted. Big elbows and punches from Holm. The horn sounds to end round two.

The third and final round of this bantamweight contest begins and Holly Holm is able to score an early takedown. She is in half guard with four minutes to work. Holm moves to full mount and is back to raining down elbows. Holly looked at an armbar for a second but the reverts back to ground and pound. Now she’s searching for a rear-naked choke. Yana Santos scrambles out, but Holm remains on top and in half guard. Santos with another scramble and she is back up to her feet. Holm still has her tied up against the cage. What a performance from Holly!

Official UFC San Antonio Result: Holly Holm def. Yana Santos by unanimous decision

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