Tyron Woodley continues to go after Jake Paul, claims he’s his ‘daddy’

Tyron Woodley
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Tyron Woodley claims he is Jake Paul’s daddy after their boxing match on Sunday.

Woodley lost a split decision to Paul in the main event of Showtime boxing in a very close fight. Both men didn’t throw much volume but Woodley landed the more powerful blows as he rocked Paul and many think had the rope not been there, it would’ve been a knockdown.

Since the result has been read, Woodley has made it clear he wants the rematch and he has since posted several clips on Instagram calling out Paul. He knows says Paul is his son and he also wrote if anyone trolls Paul they get 30 percent off his shop.


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“I’m your daddy. @jakepaul You my son! and this was after i put you through the ropes,” Woodley wrote on Instagram.

After the fight ended, Tyron Woodley made it clear he wants the rematch but whether or not he gets it is uncertain.

“I feel like I won the fight,” Woodley said after the fight. “I feel like Jake’s a great opponent. I didn’t expect him to go down. Me and my coaches worked on that. That’s why I came in great shape, because I knew he could take a punch. But the fact the one judge gave me two rounds is laughable. No disrespect, but f**k the Fury fight, me and Jake need to run that back.

“Off the top I want an instant rematch,” Woodley continued. “Nobody going to sell a pay-per-view like we did. Fury ain’t going to do it. Of course I want a rematch. I felt like I won the fight. I felt like he was tough but I hit him and the ropes held him up. I landed the more power shots. When he threw shots they were hitting my gloves. And when he landed a clean shot, which he did. He landed clean shots and I knew he had heavy hands. But I didn’t hit the ground like his other opponents. I walked him down and I landed back. So let’s run it back.”

Do you want to see Tyron Woodley vs. Jake Paul 2?

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