Matt Serra thinks Dominick Reyes edged out Jon Jones

By Fernando Quiles - February 11, 2020

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra is of the belief that Dominick Reyes should’ve gotten the nod over Jon Jones.

Jon Jones, Dominick Reyes

There’s no denying that Jones vs. Reyes was a close encounter. Jones put his UFC light heavyweight title on the line against Reyes this past Saturday night (Feb. 8). The title bout headlined UFC 247 inside the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. After five rounds of action, Jones was awarded the unanimous decision victory.

Many fans and experts had Reyes winning the fight 48-47. The judging at UFC 247 was widely panned, in particular, the 49-46 score total in favor of Jones. On a new edition of the UFC Unfiltered podcast, Serra said that he felt Reyes did enough to earn the decision win.

“This is what I thought,” Serra said when expressing his belief that Dominick Reyes beat Jones. “I only saw it once but I remember thinking that Jones needed to finish it because I remember feeling that Dominick won the first three rounds. Again, I’ve seen it once I’m gonna watch it again.”

Serra then said that he doesn’t think Jones’ win screams robbery and that the fifth round was crucial for “Bones.”

“That’s what I remember thinking, ‘oh man he has to stop it,’ but you have to give the champion something,” Serra continued. “I mean listen, at the end of the day you score it round-to-round but he did come back. That last round he was stalking him. He doesn’t accept it, he doesn’t accept defeat. You definitely could’ve made a case. I remember thinking that he won the fight, Dominick, but it was close.”

With the loss, Reyes has now suffered the first defeat in his pro MMA career. As for Jones, he’s now had three successful title defenses in his second reign as the UFC light heavyweight champion.

Do you agree with Matt Serra’s take on the outcome of Jon Jones vs. Dominick Reyes?

This article first appeared on on 2/11/2020. 


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