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Massive McGregor jokes he’s “about 265” pounds, shares his new timeline for UFC return

Conor McGregor is still in the Dominican Republic, where he’s busy filming the highly anticipated remake of the Patrick Swayze classic Road House. But ‘The Notorious’ is eager to get back home so he can start a training camp and return to the UFC early in 2023.

That declaration was made during a Facebook livestream where McGregor answered a number of questions being fired at him by fans in the chat.

“I’m gonna be back soon, hopefully,” he said. “Early 2023, I’m aiming for. Sometime in that first quarter. That’ll give me a good couple of months, once I wrap this in a couple of days, to get the camp going. Good couple of months and get going.”

McGregor also addressed his impressive increase in size.

“How much am I weighing right now?” he asked before flexing and laughing maniacally. “Let’s say I’m about 265, yeah? In the bank. Super heavy in the bank.”

“Can’t wait to be home, to be honest with yous,” he said regarding the Road House filming process. “I’ve had it tough out here, a lot of hard work, I really underestimated the work this whole thing took. This whole thing entails fifteen hour days, they work you hard out here.”

“I’m actually, when I do go back to fighting I’ll have a load of work off my shoulders. Because you’re talking fifteen hour days. In the fight game I only have to go for an hour session, hour and a half session. Then a second session. Then a couple of day later, a rest. There’s none of that going on in this movie business. And it’s not like I’m just doing the movie. I’m doing the stunts, I had to say to the stunt guy ‘I’m not a stunt man, I’m a bad man!'”

“I’m banking some really good, iconic stuff, and I’m really excited about it,” McGregor finished. “Excited to get it wrapped and have everyone see it.”

While Conor McGregor is hoping to get back into the cage in early 2023, one thing that could stop him is a USADA clause that requires UFC athletes to spend six months being drug tested before being allowed to compete. Following UFC 280, UFC president Dana White admitted McGregor wasn’t currently in the USADA pool. However, the official UFC Anti-Doping Policy states exemptions can be made.

“UFC may grant an exemption to the six-month written notice rule in exceptional circumstances,” the document reads. “Or where the strict application of that rule would be manifestly unfair to an Athlete provided that in either instance the Athlete provides a minimum of two negative Samples before returning to competition.”

What do you think, PENN Nation? Do you think Conor McGregor’s exceptional circumstances will earn him a USADA exemption? Or is McGregor going to be stuck on the sidelines until the middle of 2023? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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