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Luke Rockhold blasts the UFC’s bonus structure: “The valuation of the company’s going up f*****g billions of dollars and we’re still stuck on $50,000 bonus checks?”

Luke Rockhold is not a fan of the UFC’s bonus structure.

Currently, the UFC gives out an average of four $50k bonuses per event, two for Performance of the Night and two fighters each get $50k for the Fight of the Night. Sometimes the promotion decides to hand out more bonuses but for Rockhold, he thinks how much the UFC pays out is a joke as bonuses have actually gone down in money in previous years.

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“F*****g $50,000 bonuses going on for two decades. Like, what the f**l?” Rockhold told MMA Fighting. “The valuation of the company’s going up f*****g billions of dollars and we’re still stuck on $50,000 bonus checks? What the f**k is this? People need to wake up.”

Luke Rockhold believes each bonus should be around $200k given the fact the promotion used to do $100k bonuses. He knows the UFC has only increased in value so the bonuses should reflect that.

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“Remember when they were doing $100,000 bonuses when Jake Shields fought Georges St-Pierre? Now we’re still stuck on $50,000 bonuses,” Rockhold said. “I mean how many billions have we gone up in valuation since that fight — and we’re still tracking backwards and they’re still f****** us on pay. People need to shut the f**k up, ‘Oh, bonus $50,000!’ It’s becoming a thing. Let’s get $200,000 — $200G’s, motherf****r. That’s what you want to hear. The company needs to be reworked a little bit.”

Although Rockhold believes the bonuses should be $200k, he says that won’t happen until more fighters are vocal about it. Yet, he thinks UFC fighters are too scared to speak up so the bonuses will remain $50k for the foreseeable future.

“It should gradually grow,” Rockhold said. “The company, everything should grow, we should grow together. That’s how a healthy business works. When you build an unhealthy business, it just takes enough time for the f*****g egg to crack and enough people to grow a f*****g sack. Too bad there’s not enough of us who have a sack.”

As for Rockhold, he’s set to return to the Octagon next Saturday at UFC 278 against Paulo Costa.

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What do you make of Luke Rockhold ripping the UFC’s bonus structure?

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