Jim West fires back at “coward” Miesha Tate for suggesting Aspen Ladd attempted to cheat at the UFC Vegas 38 weigh ins


Jim West fired back at “coward” Miesha Tate for suggesting that Aspen Ladd attempted to cheat at the UFC Vegas 38 weigh-ins.

Ladd missed weight on Friday ahead of her fight against Macy Chiasson at UFC Vegas 38. At first, Ladd stepped onto the scale at 141.5lbs with a full set of clothes on. After stripping down, Ladd had a final weight of 137lbs. Not only that, but she was visibly shaking on the scale and appeared to be in serious distress after another massive weight cut. After Ladd missed weight, Chiasson decided that she didn’t want to take the fight and she declined it.

According to Ladd, she was dealing with her menstrual cycle this week which led to her having a tough weight cut. However, Tate took to her social media and said that Ladd tried to cheat. After Tate accused Ladd of attempting to be a cheater, Ladd’s coach and partner Jim West took to his social media to fire back at Tate for what she said about Ladd.

Miesha Tate you are a coward. Remember when you lied saying we wanted you to fight late notice at 145 but you went on record saying we wanted it at 135 and we know for a fact you said you didn’t want that tough of an opponent? Trust me have good inside information.

Cheat? You dumb f*ck she weighed in with damp sweats, shorts, sock, sweats etc which was 4 pounds (141) if you can do simple subtraction that equals 137. Cheat? Please explain that f*cking magic.

Please try and stand still, with hands in the air while dehydrated, dizzy, and nauseous all while trying to hold yourself because you are bleeding. You better hope you never have to fight Aspen. Oh wait you probably won’t you coward

Do you side with Jim West or Miesha Tate when it comes to Aspen Ladd missing weight at UFC Vegas 38?

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