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Henry Cejudo issues challenge to “ribbon holder” Conor McGregor: “I will literally go up to 155lbs to fight you, if you’re willing to be sober”

Former two-weight UFC champion Henry Cejudo has said he’ll go up to lightweight to fight Conor McGregor.

One of the more unusual feuds to have developed in the last couple of months in the MMA space is between Henry Cejudo and Conor McGregor. These two men, who have both won titles in multiple weight classes in the UFC, seem to dislike one another and aren’t afraid to voice their frustrations on social media.

Cejudo has been all too happy to prod the bear whereas whenever Conor gets involved, he tends to make some kind of reference to the height and size of “Triple C”.

Given the position they’re both in right now it appears to be very unlikely that they’ll ever fight. With that being said, we’ve seen stranger things happen in the UFC – and Cejudo recently proposed a way for the promotion to book it.

“He’s nothing but a damn bronze medallist, if that, he’s a ribbon holder in my eyes. I’ll tell you what Conor McGregor, let me make you a deal. I will literally go up to 155 pounds to fight you if you’re willing to be sober for the fight. What’s up.”

“I will literally go to 155 pounds if Conor McGregor can pass sobriety. I think that’s even, I think that’s a great fight and a great negotiation tactic.”

Some fans are going to absolutely love this trash talk and others are going to hate it, which is the nature of the beast. If Cejudo does come back it’ll likely be for a showdown against Alexander Volkanovski, or whoever the UFC featherweight champion is at the time, so that he can try and become the first fighter to win three weight class titles.

Do you think there’s any realistic chance of us seeing Henry Cejudo vs Conor McGregor?

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