Dana White shares his take on Jose Aldo vs. Marlon Moraes at UFC 245

By Adam D Martin - December 15, 2019

UFC president Dana White has shared his take on the controversial split decision in the Jose Aldo vs. Marlon Moraes fight at UFC 245.

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The judges scored the bout 29-28, 28-29, and 29-28 in favor of Moraes via split decision. It was a very controversial decision as many felt that Aldo had done enough to win at least two rounds of the fight and therefore should have been awarded the decision nod by the judges.

Following UFC 245, White spoke to reporters and shared his opinion on the judges’ decision to Aldo vs. Moraes. Here’s what White said (via Aaron Bronsteter).

“I do (think Aldo won). Yeah, he won the fight. Listen, you can’t win a fight running backwards for two rounds. It just doesn’t work that way. I don’t know what the f*** those judges were watching. To give that to Marlon was crazy. But, he won it,” White said.

Not only did White think that Aldo won the fight, but he said that UFC bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo texted him and said that he, too, believed that Aldo won the fight.

“Cejudo hit me up tonight and said, ‘Jose Aldo absolutely won that fight and I think that you should treat him like you won that fight.’ He said, ‘I want Jose Aldo.’ I said, ‘awesome.’ I don’t know, we’ll see (if Aldo gets the title fight coming off a loss). Cejudo wants it, that’s what he wants. Cejudo’s the man right now, so we’ll talk about it. Tuesday we’ll all get together and have a matchmaker meeting and start talking about what happens as a result of tonight,” White said.

What do you think about what Dana White said and do you think Jose Aldo should fight Henry Cejudo for the UFC bantamweight title next despite the fact he lost the fight to Marlon Moraes according to the judges?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.com on 12/15/2019. 

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM


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