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Dana White denies laughing at brutal Contender Series low-blow incident: “No man laughs when he sees that happen”

On Tuesday night we were treated to another edition of Dana White’s Contender Series, which featured the debut of 17-year-old prospect Raul Rosas Jr. and a second chance for former NFL tight end Austen Lane.

Lane previously appeared on the Contender Series in 2018, getting knocked out in under a minute by Greg Hardy, another NFL-to-MMA experiment. Four years later and carrying a five fight win streak, Lane returned against Richard Jacobi. While he’d go on to win the fight, things almost went very wrong for Lane when he kicked his opponent square in the groin just 30 seconds into the first round.

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The UFC makes a point of never highlighting low blows on their social media accounts. That didn’t stop ESPN MMA from posting the absolutely horrendous crotch kick to their YouTube channel:

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Fans watching were pretty shook.

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As Jacobi recovered, UFC president Dana White could be seen in the background laughing. One of the journalists at the post-fight press conference questioned him about it.

“With the Austin Lane fight, first round, where does that rank in the most brutal low blows you’ve ever seen?” the reporter asked.

“Ooh, that’s right up there,” White said. “That’s a nasty low blow. That was one of the worst.”

“Apparently you could be seen laughing on the broadcast,” the reporter added. “Can you just confirm that kicks to the dick are funny?”

“That I was laughing?” White replied. “Oh, I promise you I wasn’t laughing during that. If I was laughing, it was because of something else. No man laughs when he sees that happen. That, I can guarantee you. That was a bad one. He should have took the full five minutes.”

Jacobi definitely should have, as he never really recovered from the illegal shot. He’d find himself on the receiving end of fight-stopping ground and pound from Austin Lane with thirty seconds left in the first round.

Despite the circumstances, Lane and all the other winners from week 9 of the Contender Series would get a UFC contract. So welcome to the UFC, Jafel Filho, Nurullo Aliev, Austen Lane, Raul Rosas Jr., and Brunno Ferreira! We recommend a good protective cup to whoever faces Austen in his UFC debut.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM
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This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM