Conor McGregor continues to target Daniel Cormier over his “cry for help” comments

Conor McGregor
Image via @thenotoriousmma on Instagram

Conor McGregor continued to target fellow former two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier on social media today.

Two weeks ago McGregor made headlines when he appeared to mock the death of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s father with the tweet “Covid is good and father is evil?”. The Irishman later deleted the post, but not before it was seen by a ton of his followers.

One of the individuals who saw Conor McGregor’s controversial post was Khabib’s longtime friend and training partner Daniel Cormier. ‘DC’ proceeded to condemn ‘Notorious’ for his actions, dubbing his recent remarks as a “cry for help”.

“I get shock value and I get trying to get people to talk but way too far,” Cormier said on his ESPN show with co-host Ryan Clark (via MMAFighting). “To the point that I immediately called Khabib last night and said, ‘Are you OK?’ Asking him if he’s OK after having to see that, especially with no ability to do anything about it again. He spoke to my kids at my wrestling program the other day and said he was never happier than when he got to fight McGregor on the day. Because for so long, he wanted to get his hands on Conor and beat Conor up.”

Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier continued:

“(Conor McGregor) Absolutely crossed the line. I think when stuff like that is being said, it’s a cry for help. Conor has all the money in the world, he has all the fame, but now when you start to dig at that level, it’s like somebody needs to get to McGregor and help him to start to kind of re-shift his mind and his focus and get him back to a better place. It’s unfortunate.”

Conor McGregor initially fired back at Daniel Cormier during last weekend’s UFC 265 broadcast when he shared (and later deleted) this photo.

This after McGregor continued to play tweet and delete when he shared and then removed the following post aimed at ‘DC’.

“‘Clean check right there by Poirier’ fat drunk  fuck DC.” – McGregor had captioned the photo.

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