Chael Sonnen says Jon Jones’ support for Nate Diaz during USADA drug testing situation was a facade

Jon Jones, Brock Lesnar, Johnny Walker, Thiago Santos, Jon Anik
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Chael Sonnen believes Jon Jones put on an act when he showed support for Nate Diaz.

The UFC 244 main event appeared to be in serious jeopardy when Diaz claimed he was off the card. The Stockton native said elevated levels were found in his test results and he was told that it was likely due to contaminated supplements. Diaz wasn’t buying that reason as he doesn’t eat meat and only uses natural food supplements.

The tainted product in question was an organic, vegan, plant-based daily multivitamin. Diaz’s USADA ruling was expedited and he has been cleared for his Madison Square Garden clash with Jorge Masvidal on Nov. 2 in New York City.

In the midst of the UFC 244 hoopla, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones showed support for Diaz and even compared his own situation to his. Sonnen had a good laugh about that in a new video posted on his YouTube channel.

“Jon Jones takes a different approach,” Sonnen said. “Jon Jones comes to the defense of Nate Diaz. He tells Nate he himself knows what this feels like to be falsely accused. It’s disguised as, ‘Hey man I’m here for ya and I won’t kick a man when he’s down. And we’re gonna wait till all the facts come out and we’re gonna reserve judgment.’ It’s disguised as that while transparently being nothing more than a self-serving piece for Jon and an opportunity for him to try to get back what he took from the sport and all the things that he did wrong.”

Sonnen went on to explain why the cases of Jones and Diaz couldn’t be further apart in terms of similarities.

“Their cases weren’t even remotely close,” Sonnen continued. “‘Hey Nate, there is something that’s elevated here and we kinda need to find out how and why,’ is totally different than, ‘you’ve got cocaine in your system. Oh, by the way, 48 hours later you went on FOX Sports and admitted there was cocaine in your system because you snorted cocaine.’ Which is entirely different than failing two more tests for steroids of which you were completely guilty. Oh and by the way, still having steroids in your system to this day, but it’s something called a picogram and it was enough confusion and ‘okay let’s all go play ball.’ The intent to be the bro, to be the buddy who’s there for you while attempting to tell his own story was nothing short of disgusting. But very on-brand.”

Do you think Jon Jones was faking his show of support for Nate Diaz? Is Chael Sonnen right?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 10/29/2019. 

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM