Chael Sonnen reacts after Daniel Cormier admits to “towelgate” during his UFC Hall of Fame speech: “Cheated but did not have the courage to use a needle”

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Chael Sonnen has given his thoughts on Daniel Cormier admitting to cheating the scale at UFC 210.

‘DC’ faced Anthony Johnson in the main event of UFC 210 in April 2017. Prior to the fight, Cormier had a bit of a difficult weight cut. That rough cut led to the then light-heavyweight champion gripping a towel on the scale to make weight.

Many quickly noted at the time that grabbing the towel is cheating to make weight, as it cheats the scale. For years, Cormier denied that the towel trick did anything, or that he didn’t even grab the towel. However, last night during his UFC Hall of Fame induction, he finally admitted he grabbed the towel. Cormier stated:

“I want to tell you something because I feel like right now is the time to be completely transparent. I think I may have grabbed the towel in Buffalo. Rumble, I’m sorry my guy.”

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The apology garnered a bit of a laugh from fans, as everyone already knew Daniel Cormier had grabbed the towel. With that, Chael Sonnen has now offered his opinion on the matter. ‘The Bad Guy’ took to Twitter to give his thoughts on the former champion’s cheating techniques.

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“It’s on video. Anybody who thought a confession was a gotcha moment is NERD. Like if he said “no I didn’t” while you’re staring at that photo do you think the jury is still deliberating?… Cheated but did not have the courage to use a needle. Disappointing… THIS makes ME the “LINEAR CHAMP”

Chael Sonnen’s comments come as no surprise. The analyst’s joke likely being a nod to his own performance-enhancing drug use during his fighting career. The former UFC title challenger has previously admitted to using steroids.
What do you think about Daniel Cormier’s admission? What is your favorite memory of the former UFC champion’s career? Sound off in the comments below!
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