Chael Sonnen explains what Henry Cejudo must do to get a title fight

Henry Cejudo
Image via @henrycejudo on Instagram (photographer not listed)

MMA analyst Chael Sonnen has explained what Henry Cejudo needs to do if he wants to get a title shot in his return fight.

While he may have re-entered the USADA testing pool, there are still a few question marks out there regarding the immediate future of Henry Cejudo. The man known as “Triple C” has indicated that he’d be open to both a featherweight debut and a bantamweight return, with his hope being that he can become the first fighter to win a UFC title in three weight classes.

Alas, there’s a lot of red tape standing in the way of him pursuing those goals, as Dana White has now pointed out on several occasions.

Chael Sonnen knows a thing or two about marketing himself and in his latest YouTube video, he spoke about what Cejudo needs to do in order to get what he desires.

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“If you’re Henry, you have to first assess whether the promoter is playing chess with me here, or can I take him at face value. If I can take him at face value, I’ve got to put full direction onto the blue corner who in this case, is Sterling. Get Sterling on board to fight then we come back and see the promoter again.”

Sonnen went on to compare Cejudo’s character work to pro wrestling, indicating that in WWE, it’s always advised that a gimmick is tweaked so that it continues to feel fresh.

“I’m talking about taking the character and tweaking it just slightly. I do believe that Henry can command our attention, just as well now as he did when he had the belt, I do believe that. But I think over a period of time, with everything being jokey, we’re not sure if he’s sincere. To make the same comments when you’re in the testing pool, with that same theme you made when you were not eligible, you see where it changes? Now you’ve got to let us know, I’m serious, I’m back. Just tell the story [wanting triple champ status], the truth will always set you free.”

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Is Chael Sonnen right about Henry Cejudo?

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