Chael Sonnen defends Jake Paul, claims boxers are “scared” to fight him

By Cole Shelton - August 1, 2022

Chael Sonnen has defended Jake Paul after his fight against Hasim Rahman Jr. was canceled on Saturday.

Jake Paul

After Tommy Fury was forced out of the fight, Paul replaced him with Rahman Jr., but unfortunately, the pro boxer will also not make the walk to the ring due to weight issues.

Since the fight has been canceled, many have blamed Rahman Jr., while some have blamed Paul. Yet, for Sonnen, he says the boxing community is scared to fight Paul and it has been proven with Fury and Rahman Jr. pulling out of the bout.

“There is a lot on this, where do you want to start to unpack this? I begged Jake Paul, I begged Jake Paul to listen to me, he must not respect enough of what I said, he hears it though, he shared that with me. I begged him,” Sonnen said in a YouTube video. “Don’t do the Tommy fury thing. Not only does Tommy not want that fight, neither does the community of boxing, they’re setting you up.

Jake paul

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“They’re setting you up because they, the community, are just as scared as the boys in the locker room that you’re as good as you’re saying you are. The community does not want to accept that an outsider, who did not start this as a second generation the day he came out of the womb, can be a main event and a box office draw,” Sonnen said about Jake Paul. “They just don’t want to, they’re going to talk you into Tommy Fury and the second you say yes, they’re going to start tearing you down, so that your loss looks magnificent, and your victory looks small. I begged him, he went after Tommy anyway and Tommy does what we promised, what would happen (and that is pull out).”

According to Chael Sonnen, he thinks Hasim Rahman Jr. tried to pull a “scumbag” move with his weight issues and demanded it be at a higher weight. Sonnen believes Rahman Jr. got scared of Paul and thus decided to pull out, even though Sonnen says this would’ve been his highest payday and biggest fight, which proved boxers are scared of the YouTuber.

Do you agree with Chael Sonnen that boxers are scared of Jake Paul?

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