Chael Sonnen believes Max Holloway’s comments about Conor McGregor may be to set up possible rematch: “I don’t think he is a fool”

Conor McGregor, Max Holloway

Chael Sonnen believes Max Holloway might have underlying motives for discussing Conor McGregor.

‘Blessed’ is set to face Alexander Volkanovski this Saturday at UFC 276. Ahead of his return, Holloway had an interview where he discussed Conor McGregor. The Hawaiian stated that the Irishman might be retired, saying:

“With all this Conor talk and saying whatever, he never committed to coming back,” Holloway told ESPN. “He never once said he’d come back. And rightfully so, he shouldn’t.

“Conor is what everyone wants to be. Everyone wants to get in this fight game, make the money, and then save your chickens. I wouldn’t even blame him if he didn’t want to come back. If you want to come back, that’s his competitive side straight doing it. … We’ll see what happens. All respect to him.”

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Now, Chael Sonnen has given his take on Max Holloway’s comments about Conor McGregor. On his YouTube channel, ‘The Bad Guy’ opined that the Hawaiian might have some underlying reasons for discussing the former champion Specifically, he believes Holloway might be angling for a rematch.

The two first clashed in August 2013, with Conor McGregor picking up a unanimous decision win. Since that bout, the two have discussed a rematch on several occasions. With that in mind, Chael Sonnen believes that Holloway’s recent comments could be motivated.

Chael Sonnen, Conor McGregor

“If anybody has the right to an opinion – who can understand our industry, who can think like a fighter would think, and who could plan the move of a former opponent – I think Max is a great guy to turn to on the whereabouts of Conor McGregor.” (h/t SportsKeeda)

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Chael Sonnen continued, “It’s a very weird concept. Not to mention, what if Max didn’t even mean it? What if that was Max’s way of trying to get his name associated with Conor to try to get a rematch with Conor. I mean, not for nothing, you have to consider all of these things. If a guy is speaking, and he is doing anything less than negotiating, he is a fool. I don’t think Max is a fool.”

What do you think about Chael Sonnen’s comments? Do you want to see Max Holloway vs. Conor McGregor 2? Sound off in the comments below!
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