Ben Askren wonders if Ronda Rousey actually works on being unlikeable

Ben Askren, Kamaru Usman
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Former UFC welterweight contender Ben Askren wonders that WWE superstar Ronda Rousey works on being unlikeable as part of her personality.

Rousey has come under fire in recent days for her comments on professional wrestling, saying that they don’t participate in real fights as MMA fighters do. She also criticized wrestling fans, as well. Several WWE superstars defended themselves against Rousey’s comments, and fans weren’t happy with her remarks, either. Askren, no stranger to trash talk himself, wonders if Rousey is doing this on purpose.

Writing on his Twitter, Askren asked his followers if he believes Rousey is naturally unlikeable or if she intentionally works at it. Take a look at what she wrote below.

Do you think @RondaRousey is naturally that unlikeable or does she work at it?

Rousey has always had a “mean” side to her, but throughout her MMA career that’s what made her who she is. She never took smack from any of her opponents in her MMA career and it helped her excel into the superstar fighter that she became. Her meanness and toughness seemed to be genuine in MMA. But maybe not in wrestling.

In wrestling, it’s a different story, as some fans and fighters believe that Rousey has put on a face as part of her on-screen persona. If you ask Askren, it’s either a natural thing from her or it’s something that she works on every day. Many fans believe that she is putting on a face when she tries to be “unlikeable” but perhaps, as Askren suggests, it’s just part of who she is. Regardless, her attitude has been rubbing fans and fellow pro wrestlers the wrong way as of late. But considering how much success she’s had in both MMA and WWE, she probably doesn’t blink twice at how she’s perceived.

Do you agree with Ben Askren?

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