Amanda Nunes has been “dropping guys” in training camp ahead of UFC 259, says Dana White

Amanda Nunes, UFC rankings
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Amanda Nunes has supposedly looked better than ever ahead of her featherweight title defense at UFC 259.

According to UFC president, Dana White, not only is Nunes scary inside the Octagon but in training, she has allegedly been dropping her male training partners. Although there is no proof of that, it isn’t hard to believe given how dominant Nunes has looked.

“She’s one of my all-time favorites,” White said to Jim Rome ahead of Amanda Nunes (via MMAFighting). “She doesn’t care who she’s fighting, she’ll fight anybody. One of the sweetest people that you’ll ever meet, very, very easy to deal with, but once she steps inside the octagon, she’s an absolute savage. What’s scary about her right now is Dan Lambert, the guy that runs her team, is saying he doesn’t understand why but she looks better than she’s ever looked in this camp, and she was dropping guys in camp. So this is gonna be interesting.”

Amanda Nunes is the current bantamweight and featherweight champion. She hasn’t lost in seven years and is easily the greatest female fighter of all-time. However, if she beats Anderson, it is uncertain what would be next given she has cleared out both the bantamweight and featherweight division.

However, for Dana White, he believes Megan Anderson can pose Amanda Nunes some problems at UFC 259.

“I think [Nunes is] the greatest female fighter of all time,” White said of Amanda Nunes. “Personally, I love her. She’s a great human being. She’s the only one that’s held on to two titles and consistently defended both titles. She’s defending her 145-pound title against Megan Anderson, who nine of her 11 wins have come by way of finish. [Anderson has] got six knockouts, three submissions—You’ll have some girls that are very talented, very technical, but don’t have that power to knock out another woman. Both of these women have unbelievable power and they can both knock each other out, which makes this fight a very, very awesome fight.”

What do you make of Amanda Nunes supposedly dropping her male training partners ahead of UFC 259?

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