Alexander Volkanovski accuses UFC commentators of being biased against him

Alexander Volkanovski
Image via @alexvolkanovski on Instagram (photographer not listed)

UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski accused the UFC commentators of being biased against him during their recent fight calls.

Volkanovski defeated rival Brian Ortega at UFC 266 last month to defend the promotion’s 145lbs belt. However, he feels as if the commentators didn’t give him a fair shake during his performance in that match, nor did they give him a fair shake when he fought Max Holloway in their rematch last summer at UFC 251. As far as Volkanovski goes, he believes the UFC commentators are biased against him for whatever reason, and he believes it could have something to do with his nationality. Speaking to ESPN in a recent interview, Volkanovski opened up on why he has a bone to pick with the UFC commentators. For the champ, he believes he is not being given his just due.

“Mate, let me tell ya. I don’t wanna bring it up, but we were just watching that (Volkanovski vs. Holloway 2 at UFC 251), cause we obviously talk about the bias going into even the Ortega match, but there was a bit of a bias. Damn, it is hard to watch that second Max fight with how bad they (Jon Anik and Michael Bisping) were. Like, I need to say something to these guys cause that is pretty bad. We just watched that and we were just laughing, I was like, ‘Are they serious or what?’ It was pretty incredible. Not that it wasn’t close, obviously it was close, but I mean, these guys don’t help my situation one bit. You know, it was pretty embarrassing on their behalf. They sort of tried to do that again, I feel, to Ortega. It’s like Americans against the Aussies,” Volkanovski said (via

Do you agree with Alexander Volkanovski that the UFC commentators were biased towards him during their recent fight calls?

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