UFC on FOX 25 Results: Shane Burgos defeats Godofredo Pepey (Highlights)

A featherweight scrap between Shane Burgos and Godofredo Pepey served as the second bout of tonight’s UFC on FOX 25 event on Long Island.

Round one begins and Pepey misses with a wheel kick attempt to start thing off. Burgos presses forward but Pepey lands a right hand over the top. Burgos presses forward. Pepey lands a body kick but Shane replies with a crisp left jab. A good left hook from Burgos finds a home. Pepey shoots in for a takedown but it is not there. Burgos lands a huge knee and Pepey hits the deck. Burgos tells him to stand up. Pepey does and Burgos floors him with another uppercut. Pepey seems to be ok and once again Shane tells him to stand back up. Pepey gets back up and immediately shoots in and presses Burgos against the cage. Pepey drags him to the floor but Burgos gets right back up and breaks free. Shane comes forward and lands a left hand to the body and then a right hand over the top. Pepey replies with an uppercut. Both men land left hooks. Pepey shoots in but cannot secure the takedown. He presses Shane against the fence. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Pepey lands a left jab early. Burgos replies with one of his own. They are going back and forth now. Pepey with a good left jab and then a high kick that misses. Shane lands a left hook but then Pepey pulls guard. Shane immediately stands up and tells Pepey to do the same. He does and then lands a nice body kick on Shane. Burgos presses forward and scores a good combination. He is going to the body now. Pepey lands a nice right hand over the top. He shoots in for a takedown and attempts to pull guard. Burgos gets a shot in on the floor and then stands back up. Shane with a good jab and then another. Pepey responds with one of his own. He follows that up with a good knee inside. Burgos eats it and presses forward. Both men start throwing bombs. Pepey signals to Shane to bring it on. Pepey lands a left hook. Burgos with a right hand and then an uppercut. This is getting good. Pepey decides to pull guard. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Pepey lands three big overhand rights to start. Burgos replies with a crisp left jab. Shane is pressing forward but Pepey lands a counter right. Pepey attempts to pull guard but cannot do so. Both men are standing and trading in the pocket now. Shane lands a big left. Pepey is backing up now. He swings a wild right that just misses. Pepey with a good kick to the body and then an uppercut. Still, Burgos continues to press forward. He lands a nice jab and then a straight right hand. Another good left hand from Burgos. Pepey fires off a nice uppercut. He ducks under a punch and presses Shane against the cage. They break and Pepey lands an uppercut. Burgos with a left hook and then a jab. He presses forward with a hook to the body. Under one minute remains. Burgos lands a body shot that drops Pepey. He tells him to stand back up. Pepey does and we are back at it. Three good right hands from Burgos. Pepey pulls guard. Big shots from the top by Shane. Round three comes to an end.

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