UFC on FOX 25 Results: Junior Albini TKO’s Tim Johnson (VIDEO)

A heavyweight scrap between Junior Albini and Tim Johnson served as the third fight of tonight’s UFC on FOX 25 event on Long Island, New York.

Round one begins and Johnson charges forward with punches in bunches. Albini circles off the fence and regroups. Albini with a nice kick to the body and then another. Johnson once again charges forward and presses Albini against the cage. He begins working some knees inside. Albini tries to break free but Johnson stays on him. More knees from Tim. Junior returns fire with some of his own. The fighters break and Johnson misses with an attempted uppercut. Albini with a nice right hand and then an uppercut. He throws a kick to the body of Johnson that lands. Another left hook finds a home from Albini. He follows that up with another left hook and then a straight right hand that floors Johnson. He lands a couple of hammer fists and this one is all over! What a debut for Albini.

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