UFC on FOX 25 Results: Jimmie Rivera defeats Thomas Almeida (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - July 22, 2017

A bantamweight scrap between Jimmie Rivera and Thomas Almeida kicked off tonight’s UFC on FOX 25 main card from Long Island, New York.

Jimmie Rivera

Round one begins and Rivera misses with a low kick to start things off. Almeida fires off one of his own that connects. Another low kick from Almeida finds a home. Rivera charges forward with a right hand. Almeida circles off the cage and lands another low kick. The fighters engage in the center of the octagon and Rivera connects with a low kick and then a left hand. Almeida with a low kick and then lands a nice right hand. Rivera counters with a left to the body. Rivera with a right hand that knocks Almeida to the floor. Thomas stands up grabs a hold of the clinch. Thomas is holding on here. The referee steps in and breaks them up. Jimmie immediately charges forward with punches. Almeida survives and circles out. Thomas with a low kick. Rivera responds with a combination. Another good right hand floors Almeida. Jimmie jumps on him with punches but Thomas survives, gets back to his feet, and circles out. Almeida is pressing forward now. He lands a front kick to the body. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Rivera ducks under a punch and attempts to shoot in for a takedown. He cannot secure the takedown and Almeida circles off the fence. Rivera with a low kick and then a right hand. Both men connect with left hooks. Almeida with an inside low kick but Rivera counters with a hard right hand. Almeida circles and then leaps in with left hand. He charges after Jimmie with a combination but Rivera is able to avoid the attempted strikes. Rivera throws a low kick but Almeida counters with a straight left hand. Almeida with another strike that clips Rivera and appears to hurt him as he drops down. Almeida comes forward with a combination but Rivera appears to be ok. Thomas is picking up the pace now while Rivera appears to be slowing down. A good left jab from Thomas. Rivera misses with a counter right. Almeida with a kick to the body. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Rivera instantly rushes in for a takedown attempt. He gets it, slamming Almeida to the canvas in the process. Thomas scrambles and is able to get back up to his feet. Rivera with a left hand. Almeida returns fire with an inside low kick but gets countered nicely by a Rivera right hand. Another good left hook scores for Rivera. Almeida eats the shots and charges forward. He lands a right but Rivera ducks under a second punch and grabs a hold of Thomas. Jimmie presses his opponent against the cage. Almeida scrambles free and lands a hard kick. He throws a double knee but Rivera shoots in and scores another key takedown. Almeida gets back to his feet almost instantly. He lands a left hook and then just misses with a front kick. A good knee lands for Almeida. The fighters trade bombs to end round three.

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