UFC Fight Night 107 Results: Joseph Duffy defeats Reza Madadi (Highlights)

UFC Fight Night 107 Results: Joseph Duffy defeats Reza Madadi

A lightweight bout between Joseph Duffy and Reza Madadi served as the featured bout of today’s UFC Fight Night 107 prelims in London, England.

Round one begins and Duffy comes forward a kick that misses. Madadi circles out and then comes forward with a takedown attempt which is stuffed by Irish Joe. Reza continues to circle and then spring forward with strikes. He shoots in and scores a takedown. Duffy attempts to wall-walk against the cage, but Madadi picks him up and slams him back down to the canvas. Duffy scrambles and scores a sweep that leaves him in top position. Joe begins working from the full guard of Madadi. He jumps in to side control and lands a hard knee to the ribs of Madadi. Reza is quick to scramble and get back to half guard. Two minutes remain in the opening round. Duffy lands an elbow but Reza is able to transition back to the full guard position. Joe drops down a couple of nice punches from the top. Madadi attempts a guillotine choke but Duffy is quick to defend the attempted submission. Joe pulls his head free and then proceeds to rain down some punches. Duffy with a hard elbow that opens up a huge cut on the forehead of Madadi. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Duffy lands a side kick to start things off. He follows that up with a hook kick that connects. Madadi misses with a right hook and Joe catches him with a jab. Duffy goes to the body of Reza with a kick as Madadi attempts to circles away. Duffy presses forward and lands a solid combination. He lands a big low kick and then another jab. Madadi is bleeding badly now. He shoots forward for a single-leg takedown but it is not there. Duffy lands a crisp combination. Another hard jab lands for Duffy. Madadi fires back with a combination but there is not much zip on his punches. Duffy continues to utilize forward pressure and goes upstairs with a high kick. He lands a huge knee as Madadi was leaning in. Reza eats it but is a bloody mess now. With that said Madadi presses forward and scores a takedown. Duffy quickly scrambles back to his feet and lands an overhand right. Madadi lands a left and then shoots in for a takedown. It is not there. Duffy connects with a hard knee. He follows that up with a hook kick that partially lands. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Reza attempts a takedown but it is stuffed by Duffy. Joe presses forward and lands a jab and then a straight right. Madadi misses with a spinning back fist and then Joe makes him pay with a crisp combination. Reza with another takedown attempt. He presses Duffy against the cage. Joe switches the position and lands a knee followed by a foot stomp. Three minutes remain in the final round. Duffy lands a nice elbow as the fighter break off the cage. Joe with a front kick that lands. He scores with a left and then a right hand. Madadi circles out and then presses forward with a combination. Joe quickly fires back with a right hand. Duffy goes high with a kick and then scores with an uppercut. Madadi circles out and then scores with a straight left. Reza with a spinning back fist attempt that just misses the mark. Joe presses forward and then lands a right. He goes to the body with a left hook. Madadi attempts to clinch but Joe is not having it. Round three comes to an end.

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