UFC Fight Night 106 Results: Ray Borg defeats Jussier Formiga (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - March 11, 2017

A key flyweight tilt between Ray Borg and Jussier Formiga took place during tonight’s UFC Fight Night 106 card in Brazil.

Ray Borg

Round one begins and Borg starts out quickly with a combination. That fighters clinch up and both men exchange good knees inside before eventually breaking. Formiga with a hard leg kick. Borg presses forward and lands a left jab. Formiga retreats and then throws a low kick that connects with Borg’s groin. The referee steps in to let Ray recover. He does and we restart. Borg charges forward but misses with a left hand. The fighters clinch and Ray lands a good knee inside. Formiga presses him up against the cage. The fighters exchange knees. They break and Borg is able to connect with a hard uppercut. Formiga circles and Borg presses forward. Jussier connects with a beautiful counter right. Both men lands right hands now. Formiga with a nice combination to close out round one.

Round two begins and Borg quickly presses forward and pushed Formiga against the cage. Jussier switches the position and then they break. Borg unleashed a nice uppercut. Formiga fakes the right hand and then lands a hard leg kick. Borg shoots in for a takedown. It is not there but he presses Jussier up against the cage. Borg working hard for a single leg takedown here. The referee eventually steps in and separates the fighters. Formiga dives in for a takedown this time but it is not there. Formiga leaps forward with a right. Borg replies with a knee to the body. Jussier circles and then lands a nice combo. Borg replies with a left hook. Formiga answers with a leg kick and then another. Formiga with another hard leg kick. Borg smiles and then fires off a spinning back fist. Jussier hammers down another hard leg kick. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Borg scores with an early takedown. Jussier is quick to get back to his feet. They clinch along the cage and Jussier hits a switch and winds up on top. He transitions to the back of Borg but Ray scrambles and gets back up and begins working for a takedown of his own. He gets it but Formiga hits a switch and winds up on top. He takes the back of Borg and locks in both hooks. Formiga locks in a body triangle. He is searching for a rear-naked choke. Borg escapes the hold and scrambles and winds up in top position. Unbelievable. Ray begins working some nice elbows from the top position. He opens up a big cut on the forehead of Formiga. Huge elbows now from Borg. Formiga rolls but gives up his back. Good shots from Borg to close out round three.

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