UFC Houston results: Ricardo Ramos defeats Michinori Tanaka

Michinori Tanaka Ricardo Ramos

In the second preliminary card fight of ‘UFC Fight Night: Houston’ Michinori Tanaka and Ricardo Ramos squared off in what proved to be an extremely thrilling matchup.

In the beginning of the first round, Ramos came out aggressive, pressuring Tanaka against the cage in the clinch. Ultimately, Tanaka escapes and lands a big punch on the break. Ramos remains patient throughout the first round, before ultimately dropping Tanaka. Ramos follows Tanaka to the ground and lands some ground & pound shots. Tanaka returns to his feet, where Ramos once again rocks him and lands more ground & pound shots. 30 seconds left in the first round and Ramos remains composed as he pressures Tanaka against the cage as the round ends.

In the second round, Ramos ended up on his back. The Jiu-Jitsu specialist secured an armbar, however Tanaka escaped and passed to half guard. Ramos moves with his back against the cage looking to standup as Tanaka uses a cradle to keep him on the ground. Ramos stands up and they clinch on the cage. Ramos with the trip as he takes Tanaka down. Tanaka pops back up to his feet and they exchange insignificant strikes throughout the last 30 seconds.

Tanaka comes out in the third looking extremely fresh. Neither man landing significant strikes throughout the first two minutes of the round. Tanaka connects with a left hand, which doesn’t phase Ramos. Herb Dean gives Tanaka a warning for not engaging. The pair exchange leg kicks with a minute left as Ramos shoots in for a takedown that fails. Tanaka secures a takedown with 40 seconds left as Ramos looks to secure a guillotine. Tanaka defending well with 10 seconds left. Tanaka pops out and lands ground & pound as the final bell sounds.

Judges decision: Ricardo Ramos wins via unanimous decision: 29-28, 29-28, 30-27

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