UFC Houston results: James Vick submits Abel Trujillo

By bjpenndotcom - February 4, 2017

Lightweights Abel Trujillo and James Vick stepped into the Octagon in a three round scrap between two thrilling fighters.

James Vick Abel Trujillo

Round one starts as the two men begin the feeling out process, with the fight ultimately ending up on the ground, where Vick appeared to lock in a guillotine. The men return to their feet as Vick lands a solid right hand when Trujillo attempts to close the distance. Vick looks for a guillotine as the round ends.

Round two starts and Trujillo pressures forward. Trujillo lands a clean left hand that Vick eats. Vick lands a front kick to the body. Trujillo lands a hard right hand however Vick is unaffected. Trujillo looking light on his feet as he lunges in with an overhand right. Trujillo slips a jab and shoots for the takedown. Vick defends well and ends up against the cage before quickly escaping. Vick lands a pair of jabs and then a right hand. He lands a cross followed by a knee, however Trujillo clinches before getting taken down. Vick looking for an anaconda choke, it’s extremely tight however Trujillo is defending well. Trujillo escapes and Vick ends up in side control. Vick looking for the D’Arce as Trujillo escapes and scrambles back to his feet and blocks a back kick as the round ends.

Round three starts and Vick lands a flying knee. Vick charges in as Trujillo is rocked. Trujillo swinging for the fences as he slips a front kick and shoots for the takedown. Vick stuffs it and once again secures the D’Arce choke. Abel Trujillo taps out and James Vick gets the win.

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