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UFC Houston results: Jessica Andrade defeats Angela Hill

To kick off the main card of ‘UFC Fight Night: Houston’, TUF alum Angela Hill made her return to the Octagon to fight #5 ranked strawweight Jessica Andrade after winning the Invicta 115 pound title.

The fight started as Andrade pressures forward, pressing Hill against the cage and landing several clean shots that tag Hill. Hill clinches on the cage and escapes. Andrade once again pressing forward as Hill clinches against the cage and escapes. Andrade chases Hill down and press her against the cage. Hill escapes and shakes out her arms with one minute left in the round. Hill eats a combination and escapes to the center of the Octagon again. Hill with a front kick to the body that misses as she then eats several punches and a knee to the body. Hill looks to escape as Andrade lands a clean right hand. Clean knee from Hill as she is once again pressed against the cage.

In the second round, Andrade presses forward and lands several clean shots as Hill looks to clinch. She gets the Thai plum and lands several shots that leaves a cut on Andrade’s face. Hill looking more confident as Andrade then clinches and lands a knee to the body. Hill backing up as Andrade lands a straight right. Hill clinches and escapes to the center of the Octagon again. Three minutes left as Hill throws a head kick that Andrade blocks. The cut on Andrade’s cheek begins to bleed as she stalks Hill down. Hill slips a punch before then eating a combination. Hill lands a body kick and escapes to the center of the Octagon again. Hill eats a liver shot and clinches to escape to the center again. They trade shots as Andrade lands another combo. Andrade shoots for a single leg and she gets it and ends up in mount. She passes to Hill’s back but ends up in half guard in a scramble. Hill lands some elbows from the bottom as the bell sounds.

Third round starts and Andrade lands a flurry. They let fists fly against the cage and both land as Hill escapes to the center of the cage again. Andrade lands a flurry as Hill appears to be hurt. She clinches however Andrade breaks it and lands a flurry. Hill lands a stiff punch that drops Andrade. Andrade gets back to her feet as they trade kicks. Andrade lands a hard punch followed by a knee. Hill looks for a knee which Andrade blocks. Andrade with a combo as she clinches. She eats a hook from Andrade followed by a knee. Just over a minute left as Hill lands a pair of elbows. Andrade with another combination as Hill covers up before clinching. Hill eats another combination and fights her way off the cage. Hill eats a knee and slips a flying knee. Andrade presses forward with a combo as the fight ends.

Official decision: Jessica Andrade wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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