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UFC Houston results: Felice Herrig defeats Alexis Grasso

In the co-main event of ‘UFC Fight Night: Houston’, Felice Herrig and Alexis Grasso stepped into the Octagon for a highly anticipated women’s strawweight fight.

Both women look hesitant to exchange as they begin the feeling out process. Grasso lands a switch head kick that lands clean and results in both women on the ground, where Grasso looks for the heel hook. Herrig escapes and they go back to the feet where Herrig lands a clean right hand. Herrig lands a clean right hand. 90 seconds left in the round as Grasso showcases phenomenal head movement. They exchange in the middle of the Octagon, with both landing. Under a minute left as Herrig eats a jab. Herrig with a combo that doesn’t land clean. 10 seconds left as both women exchange a combo. Grasso lands a knee and a clean left hand as the round ends that appear to possibly stun Herrig.

Round two starts and Herrig connects with a big right hand, however Grasso is unaffected. Both women looking slightly tentative. Grasso lands a right hand that grazes Herrig before then missing a wheel kick. Both women trade individual shots. Herrig lands another right hand and misses with a kick. Grasso responds with a leg kick. 90 seconds left, Grasso continues to press forward as she lands a body kick. Herrig with a right hand that connects. Herrig presses forward and misses with a combo. Herrig shoots for a takedown and eats a left kick on the way in. Herrig gets the takedown but Grasso gets back to her feet. Herrig gets a takedown as the round ends.

Round three starts and Grasso lands a body kick. She misses with the switch kick and eats a right kick from Herrig. Herrig shoots for a takedown and gets it. Grasso looks to switch position as Herrig passes to mount. Grasso looks for a kimura and ultimately creates a scramble. Three minutes left and they’re on the feet with Grasso pressing forward. Herrig lands a big right hand that lands clean. Herrig lands a stiff jab with 90 seconds left. Herrig shoots for a takedown and it’s stuffed. 30 seconds left and Grasso begins to open up with her strikes. Herrig appears rocked and they brawl to the final bell.

Official decision: Felice Herrig wins via unanimous decision.

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