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UFC 250 Results: Amanda Nunes defeats Felicia Spencer (Highlights)

A women’s featherweight title fight headlines tonight’s UFC 250 event as Amanda Nunes attempts to defend her championship against Felicia Spencer.

Nunes, who also holds the promotion’s bantamweight strap, will look to earn her first career featherweight title defense against Spencer this evening. ‘The Lioness’ captured the promotions 145lbs title in unforgettable fashion by knocking out Cris Cyborg at UFC 232.

After dismantling Cyborg in December of 2018, Amanda Nunes has since gone on to successfully defend her bantamweight title against Holly Holm and Germaine de Randamie.

Meanwhile, Felicia Spencer (8-1 MMA) is coming off a first round TKO victory over Zarah Fairn Dos Santos in her most recent effort this past February. The Canadian has gone 2-1 under the UFC banner, with her lone loss coming to the aforementioned Cris Cyborg by way of decision.

Round one of the UFC 250 main event begins and Amanda Nunes quickly takes the center of the cage. She throws a front kick to the body of the Canadian. Spencer circles along the outside and then attempts to shoot in for a takedown. Nunes avoids and lands a good punch and then a hard low kick. Another good right hand lands for ‘The Lioness’. Felicia Spencer forces the clinch and attempts to push Nunes against the cage. Amanda scores a beautiful trip and winds up ion top and in side control. Spencer scrambles but gives up her back. Nunes looks to lock up a choke so Spencer scrambles again and winds up in half guard. Big elbows now from Amanda Nunes. She switches to punches and then back to elbows. Spencer is looking to secure an armbar. She switches to a triangle choke submission but just eats another hard elbow for her efforts. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the UFC 250 main event begins and Felicia Spencer comes forward with her jab. Amanda Nunes responds with a low kick followed by a right hand. ‘The Lioness’ looks so confident in there. She’s smiling as she stalks forward. Spencer with a jab. Nunes counters with a hard right hand. Felicia Spencer with a jab and then a nice entry on a takedown. She can’t secure the finish however and Nunes sweeps her and winds up in top position. After a couple of shots and then a scramble, Amanda opts to let Felicia back up to her feet. A hard one-two combination lands for ‘The Lioness’. She comes forward with a spinning elbow now. Spencer is hanging in there but not doing much offensively. Amanda Nunes with a good jab and then a body kick. Spencer goes upstairs with a high kick. Nunes shakes that off and lands another kick to the body. The horn sounds to end round two.


Round three of the UFC 250 headliner begins and Felicia Spencer comes forward and throws a knee. Nunes counters with a nice combination. She is landing big punches. Now an elbow and then a right hand over the top. She follows that up with a low kick. Spencer shoots in for a takedown but Nunes just shrugs her off effortlessly. Amanda Nunes with a hard right hand that knocks out the mouth piece of Spencer. We have a brief break and then restart. Nunes with another heavy combination. That right hand is just lethal. Spencer comes forward with another takedown attempt and this time Nunes throws her to the floor and tells her to stand up. This is demoralizing to watch actually. Nunes continues to tee off. Spencer is in rough shape as she eats a head kick. ‘The Lioness’ is on point tonight. She connects with a hard uppercut followed by a front kick to the body. Thirty seconds remain in the round. Nunes with a hard low kick that appears to have hurt Spencer. Nunes is on the hunt. She lands a right hand and then a jab. She smashes Spencer with a spinning elbow to end the round.

Round four of the UFC 250 main event begins and Amanda Nunes continues her onslaught. She lands a jab and then a right hand that rocks the head of Spencer. Felicia lands a low kick. She leaps in with a left but Amanda trips her to the floor. Spencer is back up but eats a hard low kick. ‘The Lioness’ lands a beautiful spinning back kick to the body of the Canadian. She continues to press the action and lands a right hand. She sweeps Spencer back to the floor and then proceeds to kick he thighs from the top. Felicia is back up and still fighting back. A very tough and durable athlete without a doubt. She just so happens to be in there with the GOAT. More combinations from Nunes. She is unloading. Spencer goes down. Nunes takes her back and locks in a rear-naked choke. Spencer refuses to tapout and the horn sounds to end round four.


Round five of the UFC 250 headliner begins and Amanda Nunes is back to firing off her heavy right hand. Felicia Spencer shoots in for takedown. Nunes sprawls and then spins to the back of the Canadian. Spencer scrambles and Nunes winds up in top and in half guard. ‘The Lioness’ with ground and pound and Spencer’s face is a bloody mess. Another elbow lands for Nunes. The doctor is called in to take a look. This should be stopped now. Nope. The doctor allows it to continue. Amanda Nunes with a big right hand and then scores another takedown. Ten seconds remain in this beating. It is over.

Official UFC 250 Result: Amanda Nunes def. Felicia Spencer by unanimous decision

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This article first appeared on BJPENN.com on June 6, 2020


This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM