UFC 210 Results: Myles Jury stops Mike De La Torre in round one

UFC 210 Results: Myles Jury vs. Mike De La Torre

A featherweight scrap between Myles Jury and Mike De La Torre served as the featured bout of tonight’s UFC 210 prelims in Buffalo, New York.

Round one begins and Mike leaps forward with a right hand early. Jury replies with a leg kick and then another kick to the body. De La Torre presses forward but Myles shoots in and takes the fight to the floor. Jury quickly transitions to the back of Mike during a scramble. He locks in a body triangle and then begins softening Mike up with punches. Mike attempts to scramble but he ends up getting flattened out. Jury begins raining down strikes from the top. De La Torre rolls but Jury has him mounted. Big elbows from the top by Jury. De La Torre is a bloody mess now. This is getting ugly. Mike rolls and gives up his back. More strikes fro Jury and this one is over!

Myles Jury stops Mike De La Torre in round one (TKO)

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