Tito Ortiz interested in trilogy fight with Chuck Liddell, pitched the idea to UFC

By Tom Taylor - February 21, 2018

Having settled his score with Chael Sonnen in the Bellator cage, Tito Ortiz is now happily retired. That said, the former UFC light heavyweight champion and MMA legend would be willing to step back into the UFC’s Octagon for a third fight with his long-time rival Chuck Liddell.

Chuck Liddell Tito Ortiz

In fact, upon learning of Liddell’s apparent interest in a comeback, Ortiz broached the idea with the UFC. Apparently, however, this idea was met with immediate doubt that Liddell would ever be allowed to fight again.

“I have a lot of interest level [in a fight with Liddell],” Ortiz recently told TMZ (h/t MMAFighting.com). “Actually, on New Year’s, I asked the matchmakers for the UFC if they’d ever want to do a Chuck Liddell-Tito Ortiz III and he kind of looked at me and laughed and said, ‘Chuck couldn’t pass to fight again. He’s been knocked out, unconscious, five times.’ I guarantee you the doctor won’t give him a license.”

“It’s up to them,” Ortiz continued, adding that he doesn’t need the payday, but understands Liddell might. “I thought of it just because I was pumped because of the UFC in general, being back in the house [for UFC 219], but I don’t know. I would like another go at it. I left on a high stool of choking Chael within two-and-a-half minutes. My body’s fine. I know Chuck Liddell’s been knocked out unconscious to the point where they had to give him the smelling salts to make him feel better but he’s looking to be a paycheck. I understand it. I have other businesses, and it’s not a hurry for me to fight. I don’t want to fight, I don’t need to fight, but if Chuck needs to, I’ll be a good friend like he was once and give him a payday.”

Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell battled twice in the heydays of their respective careers, with Liddell emerging the victor on both occasions. Would you be interested in a third bout between the two legends?

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 2/21/2018.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM


Chuck Liddell Tito Ortiz