Robbie Lawler explains how UFC sale will affect him

Robbie Lawler

With the UFC’s sale becoming official earlier this week, many are wondering how the fighters will be impacted by the change in ownership.

While this is certainly a transition period, UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler, who fights Tyron Woodley at UFC 201 on July 30th, doesn’t foresee the change in ownership having any sort of affect on his career.

He spoke to TMZ:

“I’m not too worried about that, I concentrate on beating people up,” Lawler told TMZ. “Gotta stick to the basics which is grinding every day and making sure my skills are sharp so I can hold onto this belt and keep beating people up. I’m a fighter first and always will be, that’s what I got into this business for.”

Since the sale of the UFC we have learned that UFC President Dana White will actually be doing more work rather than less.

How do you see the sale of the promotion impacting things?

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