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WWE legend Kurt Angle announces he will be a judge on PFL’s Challenger Series: “Oh it’s true, it’s damn true”

WWE legend Kurt Angle has revealed that he will serve as a guest judge on PFL’s Challenger Series.

For so many years now, Kurt Angle has been heralded as a legend in professional wrestling. Rightly so, too, given what he’s accomplished as a multi-time world champion in both WWE and TNA.

While he’s had his ups and downs, Angle’s ability in the ring simply cannot be denied. In addition to that, he also has an Olympic gold medal to his name (which he won with a broken freakin’ neck).

Freestyle wrestling was his sport of choice and, understandably, that led to a lot of interest in him from different parties after Atlanta 1996.

Some have wondered how he would’ve fared if he had gone down the MMA route instead of pro wrestling. As it turns out, the UFC did actually offer him a contract back in the day – but it never quite came to fruition.

Now, however, all these years later, Angle will appear for an MMA promotion in the form of PFL.

“Hey fight fans, it’s Kurt Angle here. I’ll be a judge on the PFL Challenger Series, helping decide who earns a PFL contract and a chance to win that $1 million bag. This is the only show out there where you can vote along with me during the show, and have your voice heard too. Watch the PFL Challenger Series live this Friday night at 9pm Eastern time, only on the Fubo Sports Network. Oh it’s true, it’s damn true!”

Angle heads for MMA

It’s certainly a big ‘what if’ moment for MMA to think about what Angle could’ve achieved. Still, it should be fun to see what he can do as a guest judge.

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