Anthony Pettis weighs in on his upcoming debut with PFL: “I’ve got a target on my back, I’ve already seen it”

Anthony Pettis, PFL

Former UFC champion Anthony Pettis knows that there is a target on his back as he prepares for his big debut with PFL.

Pettis is set to battle Clay Collard on April 23 in his season opener as his quest to win the promotion’s lightweight tournament begins. We all know “Showtime” to be one of the most exciting lightweights in the history of mixed martial arts, but at this stage of his career, he still needs to prove to the masses that he has what it takes to succeed.

An inconsistent end to his stay in the UFC had many wondering where he’d go next, and the answer wound up being PFL.

During a recent interview, Pettis made it crystal clear that he is heading into this knowing that his name value will ensure there’s a target on his back.

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“I’ve got to start at a new job (and prove myself),” Pettis said. “Everything I’ve done in my past, we all know in the fight world, you’re only as good as your last fight. I’ve got a target on my back. I’ve already seen it. When I announced the signing a lot of their fighters were like, ‘I look forward to meeting you in the Octagon.’ I’m excited about a new journey, a whole new path of my career and a new chapter.”

Pettis also looked ahead to the possibility of facing Natan Schulte.

“Obviously, you’ve got to look at that guy,” Pettis continued. “He won twice in a row, definitely looked great, had some great striking, great jiu-jitsu, all-around great fighter, honestly. He comes from a great camp, so he has guys testing him all the time in his camp, but he hasn’t fought Anthony Pettis. He hasn’t fought somebody like me. The way my mindset is right now I’m just excited to go out there and actually perform. Not only win, but perform, and carry that flag on my back.”

Quotes courtesy of MMA Mania

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