Patricio Pitbull reacts to Michael Chandler’s UFC move

Patricio Pitbull
Credit: Mike Straus

Bellator double champion Patricio Pitbull reacted to the news that his long-time rival Michael Chandler has signed with the UFC.

On Thursday, UFC president Dana White announced that Chandler has signed with the world’s leading MMA promotion and he will serve as the backup to the UFC 254 lightweight title fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje. Fans, media, and fellow fighters took to social media right away to talk about the big move.

One of the fighters who commented was Pitbull, who just last year KOed Chandler to win the Bellator lightweight title. Pitbull, who also holds the Bellator featherweight title, has been outspoken in recent months about a potential crossover fight with the UFC. After seeing Chandler sign with the rival organization, the Bellator champ commented on it.

See what Pitbull wrote about fellow Bellator legend Chandler signing with the UFC below.

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So @BellatorMMA fighters aren’t good, but a former champion whom I beat gets signed by the @UFC and is an immediate backup for a title fight. Interesting.

Pitbull certainly has a point here. For years, Bellator fighters have mostly been viewed as inferior to their UFC counterparts by fans and media. Yet, educated fans and media know that isn’t true and that Bellator has plenty of talented fighters on its roster. Yes, the UFC is the biggest show in the world, but Bellator has plenty of great fighters.

One of those fighters is Pitbull, who is still waiting for his featherweight tournament bout against Pedro Carvalho to take place after the COVID-19 pandemic wiped it out earlier this year. It was just last June that Pitbull KOed Chandler to win his second Bellator title, so seeing Chandler now one step away from UFC gold must certainly be eye-opening.

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Do you think Patricio Pitbull will follow Michael Chandler to the UFC eventually?

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