Chris Weidman: Michael Bisping would be “one of my easiest fights”

Chris Weidman

The war of words between UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, and former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman continued this weekend as Weidman proclaimed that ‘The Count’ would be one of his easiest fights throughout the course of his MMA career.

Bisping recently stepped into the Octagon in the main event of UFC 205 for a 5 round war with MMA legend Dan Henderson which saw him weather an early storm from ‘Hendo’ en route to a unanimous decision win to retain his middleweight title. Following the win, Bisping put the UFC’s top middleweight contenders on blast, saying:

ufc middleweight championship fight

“Forgive my language…all you f**k heads in the rest of the division. Weidman, what the hell? You lost your last fight! I’ve got three victories since you got your ass kicked by Luke Rockhold. Rockhold, I knocked you out in three minutes buddy. Yoel Romero, you were suspended for steroids, shame on you! And Jacare, you just got beat by Yoel! All of you, win a fight, get off the couch, and let’s fucking do this!”

Since then, Weidman and Bisping have continued to send shots back and forth with one another through the media. This weekend, Weidman once again took the offensive as he sent shots the champ’s way through an interview with Fox Sports:

“I beat Yoel, I get Bisping, that’s an easy day,” Weidman told Damon Martin FOX Sports. “He’s a tough guy, he showed he’s tough without a doubt but it might be one of my easiest fights I’ve had in years to get that fight with Bisping.”

“Me and him have been going back and forth for years now. Not really back and forth, he’s always just kind of crapped on me and my career. He was always jealous of me and everything I’ve accomplished,” Weidman said. “I came up quick and he was just a guy that never fought for the title but had a ton of fights in the division. I thought there was definitely some saltiness and bitterness on his part.

“When he won the championship I was saying it was embarrassing having Michael Bisping as champion and from that we’ve been going back and forth.”

Weidman is currently slated to fight #4 ranked middleweight Yoel Romero at UFC 205, the UFC’s historic inaugural event at the Madison Square Garden. The fight will not only serve as a potential middleweight title eliminator, but also will be The All American’s first time back in the Octagon following his UFC 194 TKO loss to Luke Rockhold back in November of 2015.

Chris Weidman

Should he defeat Romero in impressive fashion, Weidman may very well find himself in a position to fight Bisping for the title depending on how Luke Rockhold vs. Jacare Souza II plays out on November 26th.