Max Holloway Willing to See if Frankie Edgar Has ‘Answers’ For Him

By Justin Golightly - January 9, 2018

Suddenly, it’s UFC 218 déjà vu all over again. Max Holloway was supposed to defend his UFC featherweight title against Frankie Edgar, but instead he went back-to-back against Jose Aldo. Not wasting any time, Holloway is determined to keep his promise of fighting every contender in line. His fight with Edgar has been re-booked for UFC 222. 12 straight wins later, Holloway is hoping that Frankie Edgar is the test that everyone keeps saying that he’ll fail.

Max Holloway Frankie Edgar

“[The UFC] needed a fight for Vegas and I’ve been asking to fight there. I also have a lot of questions and I heard [Frankie Edgar] got answers. We’re going to find out March 3rd. I can’t wait for this fight. Things happen and we didn’t get to fight the first time around, so I think it only makes sense to bring it back and do it. […] There’s a lot of history between [Edgar] and Hawaiian fighters. I’m going out there to bring one back home, and hopefully next time the UFC will bring my ass all the way back home. Fighting out in the ninth island of Las Vegas is nice, but I want to fight in Hawaii. First thing is first, and ‘The Answer’ is back up, and I got questions for the man. Let’s see if he can answer them for me.”

“I just want to be remembered as one of the greats, not just at my weight, but at fighting, period. I want to be greatest of all time, and this is what you have to do, man. You fight anyone and everyone. That’s what I’ve done, and I’m proving what I can do every step of the way. I wasn’t supposed to get past [Jose] Aldo, and the second time everyone said his leg kicks would stop me and I wouldn’t be able to get past them. Well, he used them, and I got the job done again. Every time there is a guy I’m facing where everyone thinks he’s going to beat me, I look forward to that challenge and proving people wrong. That’s what I’ve been doing and that’s what I’ll keep doing.” — Max Holloway speaking to FloCombat.

One of the men that everyone screamed Conor McGregor ducked, will get his chance against Max Holloway yet again. In all of his fights, it was hard to believe the two never fought on Holloway’s way up to the top. It seems like the Hawaiian is hell bent on following in the footsteps of Aldo as a dominant champion. If he can get past Frankie Edgar, Brian Ortega will be waiting in line. After that? Who knows, but Holloway is going to do everything he can to build his legacy and to keep ‘The Blessed Era’ going.



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